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At Campbelltown Termite Pest Control we pride ourselves on being able to eliminate termites quickly making sure to minimize the damage a termite infestation can cause.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I discovered live termites. What is the next step?

If you've discovered live termites, do not try to disturb anything. The processes of management have to be determined before disturbing the workings. Any attempt to deal with, fix, or even replace the wood that's been infested is likely to result in the live termites to completely remove themselves from the area. This can make it impossible to eliminate the termites. Because of this, you need to avoid replacing or removing the wood before complete eradication.

How Much Will It Cost To Have Your Own Home Treated For Termites?

There are lots of elements that come into play when determine the cost for treatment. By way of example, both the dimensions of the home and the location of the termites make a gap. We're delighted to send one of our professional technicians to your house to ascertain what's happening and what could be done to help. Just give us a call so we could schedule an inspection time that works for you.

Is the treatment safe for people and pets?

Our workers are trained in the proper use of termiticides. The technician assigned to your property will reveal how long you should be away from your house on the evening of treatment. When the pesticides are dry, it's then safe to return.Our workers are trained in the proper use of termiticides. The technician assigned to a property will reveal how long you need to be away from your house on the evening of treatment. Once the dyes are dry, it is then safe to return.

Do I have to leave during the treatment?

You'll be required to fully vacate your house while it's undergoing treatment. You'll be asked to steer clear of your house for a full 6 to 8 hours following the treatment is completed. This will provide the chemicals that are used enough time to wash.

How often should termite treatments take place?

This will differ based on the sort of chemical you get your property treated with. The life expectancy isn't the same for every chemical. Ordinarily, a great deal of the chemicals used on properties in the market will last no less than five years as many as 8 years supposing the protective barrier hasn't been disturbed. But due to the variance, it's always recommended to obtain a professional opinion every year to ensure your property stays free of termites.

How Do I prevent termites from entering my home?

You should be looking to schedule a professional review every single year from someone who is licensed to take it out. You'll also wish to prevent allowing wood to sit out. Attempt to eliminate all sources of water and extra moisture that stems from plumbing problems or because of having poor drainage in your property. Do not let loose wood to sit down around your house and look to eliminate any dead trees and/or stumps which are around your property since they can end up being a competent nesting site for live termites.

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Need a quality termite and pest control company in Campbelltown? No need to look further than Campbelltown Termite Pest Control. We are your local source for effective termite and pest control. Our fully insured and qualified technicians have many years of experience and knowledge in helping the residents of Campbelltown. Along with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we offer a full warranty on our work. We are consistently improving our treatment strategies and methods to ensure we provide the safest and most effective treatments for your pests and family.

Our company of specialists include numerous years of local Campbelltown experience that enables you to be confident in choosing Campbelltown Termite Pest Control for your pest management treatment specialists. We utilise a variety of treatment solutions including gels and sprays in addition to non-toxic traps and dusts to make sure an entirely effective method.

Our service delivery starts with pest and termite detection processes to look for the extent of the infestation. We utilise thermal and radar imaging technology to map out every area for treatment and we recommend the ideal termite treatment to use.

We can offer each of our clients warranties on work, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can discuss the options to safeguard your building from termites and any otherpests.

Call Campbelltown Termite Pest Control today to have our trained termite technicians visit to your property for an inspection.


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